Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T.)

Recognized by: Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP)

Course Duration: 2 years degree course as laid down by the Gujarat University.

Intake capacity (Total Seats):18 seats

Fee Structure: Fee Structure: Rs. 2,53,000/- Per year, , (for year 2017-2018) as per Fee Regulatory Committee(Medical), Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.
College do not take any other fees like: Computer, Laboratory, Library, Clinical Posting and Sports etc.

Eligibility: A Candidate must have completed the reconized B. Physiotherapy or equivalent course and compulsory rotating internship.

Admission Procedure:

  1. Admission through P.G. Medical Admission Committee of Gujarat University basis of merit.


  • Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health care profession concerned with enhancing mobility and quality of life by using clinical reasoning to deliver the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition.
  • Physiotherapists help people gain as much movement and physical independence as possible so they can resume their normal job or lifestyle.
  • Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat people with movement problems. They also deliver patient education and help people avoid injuries and maintain a fit, healthy body.

Remember: Physiotherapists helps people at every age to get a life.
(From Pediatrics to Geriatrics)

How does it work?

Physiotherapy integrates clinical expertise with evidence-based research. Physiotherapists work with a broad variety of physical problems, especially those associated with the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They may work alone, with physiotherapy colleagues or teams and with other healthcare professionals in multi-professional teams.

Physiotherapists use a wide range of drug-free techniques to relieve pain, restore function and movement, and prevent further problems, including:

  • Joint mobilization and manipulation.
  • Therapeutic exercise and stretches.
  • Electro physical agents (such as hot packs, ice, SWD & ultrasound).
  • Outpatients - treating spinal and joint problems, accidents and sports injuries.
  • Intensive Care Units - keeping limbs mobile and chests clear.
  • Women’s Health - ante- and post-natal care advice, exercise and posture, managing continence and post-gynaecological operations.
  • Care of Elderly - maintaining mobility and independence, rehabilitation after falls, treatment of arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, chest conditions.
  • Neurology - helping people restore normal movement and function in stroke, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.
  • Orthopaedics and Trauma - restoring mobility after hip and knee replacements and spinal operations, treating patients after accidents.
  • Paediatrics - treating sick and injured children, those with severe mental and physical handicaps, and conditions like cerebral palsy and spina bifida
  • Designing user friendly or ergonomically & correct homes & work places
  • Education and Health Promotion & teaching people about many conditions and lifestyle choices. This may include back care, ergonomics, taking exercise classes and cardiac rehabilitation groups.
  • Sports clinics - treating injuries in sportsmen and women, advising on recovering fitness and avoiding repeated injury.
  • Voluntary Organisations - advising and consulting for organisations supporting and caring for people with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Jobs Hunting Area

  • Hospitals
  • Private Practices
  • Medical Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Specialized Schools
  • In Universities / colleges & Academician
  • Sports Clinic
  • Sports Club
  • Public Settings (Health malls)
  • Fitness Center

Vision for the Future

  • Currently there is tremendous opening for Indian physiotherapists to work in developed nations like the USA, UK, IERLAND, AUSTRALIA, NEW-ZELAND, SINGAPORE, AND MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES.
  • Moreover, the increasingly sedentary urban lifestyles and lack of exercise brings on a whole gamut or body aches and pains, which requires the assistance of specialized physiotherapists.
  • The growing awareness of the role physiotherapy can play in enabling the physically handicapped to lead productive lives has also increased the demand for trained professionals.

Further Studies

  • The graduates are eligible for Masters in physiotherapy in India and abroad Countries like UK, AUSTRALIA, US & NEWZEALAND etc.
  • They are also eligible to do PhD in India & DPT (Doctorate in physiotherapy) in US.

We are provideing Master of Physiotherapy under following subjects



Cardio Pulmonary.


  • Orientation of First Year BPT (2017 – 18 batch) will be Conduct on first week of October after completion of Admission procedure by CAC
  • Our Final Year B.P.T students scored 94.5% in the university exam conducted on 2017
  • Our Second Year B.P.T students scored 80% in the university exam conducted on 2017
  • Annual day and Graduation day function will be conduct on 13th November'2017
  • New admission of MPT 2017-19 batch done and regular schedule of MPT started.
Latest News
  • Inaugurated new paediatric department on 16th Sep'2017
  • Gala Garba function celebrated in our lavish greenery atmosphere on 22nd October 2017
  • Around 6000 patients are treated in all stream in our Physiotherapy department
  • WorkShop of 'NDT' Conducted by Dr.Savji Nakum on 22nd and 23rd July 2017 and 29th and 30th July 2017
  • Hands on workshop on Manual therapy and Taping conducted on 12th,13th and 14th May by Dr. Ankur Parekh
  • Chairman – Dr. Bhavana Gadhavi, Principal
  • Member – Dr. Hardini Prajapati
  • Member – Mr. Chintan Jani, legal adviser
  • Member – Yakshi Rajpura
  • Member – Karan Patel
  • Member – Mansi Kavishkar

  • Chairman – Dr. Bhavana Gadhavi, Principal
  • Member – Dr. Alpa Purohit, Vice Principal
  • Member – Dr. Dhara Sharma
  • Member – Mr. Chintan Jani, legal adviser